Past Life Regression is one of my favourite topics, and an amazing phenomenon.

If you have persistent dreams, deja vu, or just that inexplicable feeling that you’ve been here before, you’re probably experiencing a “bleed through” from a past life.

It is my belief that the soul is everlasting, and our body is merely a vehicle to experience things here on earth.

Many of us have, I believe, been here before many times.  Not only on Earth, I might add, but other planets too.

I believe that the journey of life is all about learning lessons – “Karma” if you will – and we have to go through many lifetimes in order to learn the lessons that we need to, to progress to the “next level” so to speak.

Importantly, many things in this life can be attributed to a past life experience; unexplained pain, anxiety, fears and phobias to name but a few.  By taking the journey to a past life, many of these things can be resolved simply by realising where they stemmed from.

As well as all of this, the whole thing is just fascinatingly curious!

A past life session is currently priced at £40, and is recorded so that you can go away and research what you come up with in the session (and many people have found actual historical facts to corroborate their stories).

The sessions can be conducted either in person or via Skype or similar.  I highly recommend checking out “Reboot Past Life Regression” on Facebook; there are videos of actual sessions to watch.

Take that leap down the rabbit hole- you’ll never think of life quite the same way again!

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