Reboot Hypnotherapy

Here at Reboot Hypnotherapy, we specialise in the treatment and resolution of PTSD and trauma, with a focus on blue light and emergency workers. 

With a background of seventeen years of experience in policing, we are uniquely placed to understand the challenges facing blue light and emergency workers, and utilising a toolbox full of powerful techniques, we will help clients to resolve PTSD and trauma.

If you’re suffering PTSD and trauma, then you will be all too familiar with sleepless nights, depression, anxiety, flashbacks, anger issues, and knowing that those close to you are being affected too.

Our four session treatment package, priced at £750, will resolve your trauma, and get you back on track.  You will sleep better, eat better, take care of yourself better, your relationships and social life will improve, as will your confidence.  You will literally feel transformed.

Each session will last in excess of two hours.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to your care, and we are not “clockwatchers” – clients are given as long as they need to settle in and work with the process.

We passionately believe that this is what sets Reboot Hypnotherapy apart – great results, with a caring and compassionate outlook.

Each client gets a bespoke MP3 to listen to, which will compound the powerful work done in each session.

The four sessions take place over six to eight weeks, and science shows that this is the most effective way to effect and ensure powerful and positive change.


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